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My interest in art first began while I was studying in university and over the past 50 years it has grown so much. Having the opportunity to work under and learn from several famous artists like Frank Francese, Sterling Edwards, Tom Lynch and the late Terry Madden, I ended up learning a lot and my fascination for the world of art grew even more. I also served as an understudy for Richard Kenny, the famous water color artist in Maui Hawaii. My close experiences with these extra-ordinary people were the major factors that encouraged me to start PISPLACE WATERCOLORS. I wanted to have a platform of my own where I can showcase my art to the people who love and enjoy it as much as I do. When I see something beautiful, I share it with people through my paintings and sketches. With the help of PISPLACE; I want people to discover the world through my original paintings.

I also make pastel and black and white pencil sketches of your loved ones and people you are close to. Through my skills and interpretation of the world, I aim to spread joy and love within people. My artwork helps me do that. The colors, the strokes, the designs and everything else allows me to express myself and I hope that everyone who sees my work eventually gets inspired in some way or another.

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