Why Buying Original Art Work Is Worth It

Original artwork is unique. It has a one of a kind experience that you will not find anywhere else. Every original artwork has a story behind it that comes directly from the artist. Unlike print or reproduction of famous paintings, when you buy an original artwork you know that you are getting the one piece that was made. That feeling is incomparable.
To most people, original artwork is fascinating as it allows them to feel a connection with the artist and what they might be feeling at the time of its creation. The connection that is established is hard to be made with a painting that has been reproduced thousands of times and is most likely to be in every other person’s house.
Original paintings may be a bit more expensive but they are worth the money. Let’s look at a few reasons as to why an original artwork is absolutely worth it price and why you should definitely invest in on right away.

It’s one of a Kind

Indeed, the major reason to choose original art work over reproduced art work is that it is one of a kind. It is made by the artist’s hands and has come straight to you. It is unique and no one else owns it. This makes the artwork so special.

Have a Sense of Touch

Original paintings have texture which you will never get from a print. Whether it is made on a canvas, a paper or any other medium, any original artwork will have a sense of touch which will elevate the viewer’s experience.


Most paintings that you see in stores are generated in factories that take away their uniqueness from them. Original art work is handmade. This quality adds richness not just to the painting but also to the space where the painting is added to. Choosing a factory made painting will just fill the space, but choosing an original art work will elevate the space.

Tells a Story

Since original artwork is unique, the artists that create them have a story and a reason behind the creation. This story comes out in the form of their art. When you buy an original artwork, you are continuing the story, the history and the journey of the artist. The story that is behind each artwork makes it more valuable.

Supports the Artist

Your purchase of an original artwork supports the artist who put his/her time and energy into creating it. The richness of our artistic expression as culture depends on the ability of the artist to support themselves so they can create more artwork.

Original artwork looks great in your house, makes a thoughtful gift and is overall a smart purchase. If you are looking forward to buying original pieces check out PISPLACE Water Colors. We have original water color painting, pastel and black and white pencil sketches. Visit our website to place an order.

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