Why Is Art Important

We, humans, have always had a relationship with art in one form or another. Art has continued to intervene in our lives, becoming a part of our existence regardless of race, nationalities, religious beliefs, political leanings or cultural backgrounds. Art has always been powerful. It has continued to change lives by helping us connect with our inner selves. What makes it so great is that it’s one of the only mediums that allow us to listen to ourselves, realize who we are, what we care about and ultimately connect us to our realities.
Art can divide us or unite us. Even in the modern time, art is everywhere; from fancy galleries to the drawing rooms of your house. Over time people have become more and more interested in art and original work because once they connect with a piece, it is highly possible that they encounter emotions that they have never experienced before. It’s an extra-ordinary experience.
So what is it about art that makes it so special, so important? Why do people continue to spend so much money on other people’s artwork? To understand all of this, let’s explore what makes art so important.

It’s Part of Us

Art is so important because it’s like any other natural human behavior. Just like how we need food, why we laugh or why it feels good to be loved by someone, art is a part of us. Human have been creating art since the beginning of time in their own ways, which is why it is something that we know from the day we are born. Take for instance a child who has been given paints or crayons for the first time; you will notice how instantly he/she lights up.

Allows Us to Appreciate What We Have

Art helps us to stand back and evaluate our lives. It gives us the opportunity to connect with our world and to see blessings that we may ignore in our daily lives. We are happier when we have a stand point of appreciated and gratification through which we look at life, and art serves exactly that purpose.

Improves Mental Health

Over time, many studies have shown that creating art or simply looking at it has a positive impact on people’s mental health. It helps with depression and anxiety symptoms Art is great way of evoking emotions and expressing them. Many therapists use artwork combined with traditional talk therapy to help their patients!

Universal Form of Communication

You can go to a completely new country and not understand a word the people are saying but what you can understand is a painting or a piece of art. That is what makes art a universal form of communication. People don’t have to belong to the same place or speak the same language to understand art because art is for everyone. The shared experiences and emotions is what helps art make the world a more welcoming and understanding place.
Art can really touch people. As Van Gough said, “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.” If you want to add art to your life, visit PISPLACE Water Colors. We have a wide range of water color paintings, pastel and black and white sketches. Visit our website to learn more.

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